Monday, July 24, 2017

Energy deparment compiling comments on power-resiliency program draft

By Lenie Lectura -

The Department of Energy (DOE) is soliciting comments from industry stakeholders on a draft policy that seeks to implement a resiliency program in the energy sector.
The agency noted that while there are efforts to address disasters, most resources are directed to emergency response. Thus, it is necessary that planning and investing are required to ensure that the country’s energy-infrastructure can continue to deliver.
“Ensuring resilient energy infrastructure is now more pronounced and there is a need to institutionalize the development, promotion and implementation of a resiliency compliance plan [RCP] to strengthen the capacity, safety culture and disaster preparedness and response capability of the energy sector,” stated the draft circular-entitled “Adoption of Resiliency Planning and Program in the Energy Industry to Mitigate Adverse Effects Brought About by Disaster”.
The draft circular also stated that all energy industry participants shall submit to the DOE their respective RCPs within 60 days upon effectivity of the circular.
The RCPs must be updated every three years. “All energy-industry participants are hereby enjoined to provide full cooperation, prepare and implement their respective RCP and to comply such that the objectives set out in this circular are attained.”
The policy shall apply to all energy-industry participants in the energy resource, renewable energy, power, oil and energy utilization.
The RCP must contain adaptation measures to gauge infrastructure and human resource preparedness during and in the aftermath of disruptive events.
To monitor the participants’ compliance, a DOE Task Force on Securing Energy Facilities will be created.
The DOE shall, within one year from effectivity of the circular, coordinate with other concerned agencies and industry participants, for the issuance of appropriate guidelines for the implementation of the circular.
The agency will accept comments until September 1.

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